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Bodybuilding and women is something that many see as a real niche and something that most men and most women dislike the idea of. This is partly because bodybuilding to many instantly means six packs and bulging biceps, this is a misconception though and bodybuilding doesn't have to mean this but can lead to a natural figure and better overall female fitness and health. Women generally are curvaceous and men find this attractive most of the time, by toning up muscles the body can be made firmer and more curved rather than being flabby and floppy in places. Especially for women who have been through childbirth or who have lost significant weight, toning up muscles can help to deal with excess skin that is left; body building builds up muscles enough to fill this skin leading to a more attractive look. Breasts can be made firmer with a layer of muscle built up beneath them, this can be taken too far but with some work your breasts may appear more toned and firmer almost like a lift without surgery.

Cardio exercise alone for female fitness will only burn some calories, generally those that are already ready in the blood and the stomach. Cardio is important for exercise of course for a healthy heart and lungs but isn't all that is needed. Exercising muscles increases the body's metabolism and the more different muscles groups are exercised the better and the more weight will be lost: both during exercise and for some time afterwards. Regular work with weights in the gym will keep the metabolism high and allow a woman to burn more calories and therefore have more energy throughout the week.

Increased strength of course comes from doing work with weights and low level body building, this is a big advantage of course, as well as general female fitness increased strength will lead to an increased ability to protect yourself, make daily tasks easier at work and at home and mean that during the course of a day you can do more and burn more calories naturally in this way. If you have problems with certain muscles as well from previous injuries or often sprain ankles wrists or other joints then you can use work with weights to strengthen these muscles; sprains are often due to putting too much pressure on weak muscles that aren't well enough developed. Working in the gym with weights means that not only the most used muscles but other muscles you occasionally need can be built up: ready to use if needed.

Long term female fitness is as important as how you look and feel short term, osteoporosis is unlikely until later on in life but you can decrease the risk of developing it with regular strength training that can start at any time in life and continue into your old age. As an older female your fitness may suffer if you are unable to use certain joints you have trouble with. Strength training in the gym though means you still keep other muscles active and keep yourself active and healthy where otherwise it is easy to slip into a unhealthy lifestyle even if you have always remained fit beforehand.

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Bodybuilding for Female Fitness

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This article was published on 2011/09/09