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Amino Acids are at the heart of building muscle protein, which is necessary for maintaining strong muscle mass while undergoing strenuous exercise regimes. Without a continuing, healthy supply of amino acids the muscle would lose in both strength and mass rendering most training in bodybuilding ineffectual. In everyday situations, the body produces all the amino acids it needs and draws from diet to produce energy. But serious exercising requires a lot more.

Amino Acids are basically divided into two groups:
Non-Essential Amino Acids
Essential Amino Acids

Non-Essential Amino Acids are in fact essential to the body – the term is misleading in that regard. Non-essential amino acids help the body recover from trauma or illness and maintain a healthy metabolism. The body produces an adequate supply of these amino acids for normal activity. There are 13 non-essential amino acids including glutamine, alanine, glycine and proline. The body produces these amino acids by itself and with the help of vitamins.

Essential Amino Acids are produced by the body during digestion, through the breakdown of certain foods. There are nine essential amino acids including histidine, leucine and valine. It is the essential amino acids that are addressed through food supplements, important to the bodybuilder’s workouts.

Branched Chain Amino Acids

Essential Branched Chain Amino Acids are especially important to bodybuilders because they fuel the muscle with energy directly. All amino acids are essential to keeping the muscle fuelled, but the BCAA work a bit faster than the others as they go directly into the bloodstream. Protein is digested and becomes individual amino acids. Those amino acids are then either stored to build new proteins later or used as energy – like an instant fuel. Bodybuilders depend on BCAA to break down into instant fuel to keep the amino acid supply up during rigorous workouts and training sessions. Without instant refuelling by amino acids a serious workout could result in little to no progress.

The benefits of BCAA include the stimulation of protein synthesis for providing instant energy to the muscle during strenuous exercise, enhanced endurance during strenuous exercise, faster recovery of amino acid supply to the muscle, the burning of excess fat, boosting the immune system.

BCAA are found naturally in whey and egg proteins and BCAA food supplements.

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Branch Chain Amino Acid

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This article was published on 2011/07/23