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How do I tone my legs fast? Here are leg exercises to tone your legs and thighs.

The thigh and leg muscles include strong muscles like front thigh muscles (the Quadriceps or Quads), the back thigh muscles ( Hamstrings), the inner thigh muscles (Adductors), the outer thigh muscles (Abductors) and the calf muscles (the Gastrocnemius). All aerobic activities can tone up our leg muscles. These aerobic activities include walking, jogging, running, tennis, football and most ball games. . Unless you are an athlete, 3-4 overall body workouts each week is enough and about 15 minutes per session doing specific leg exercises is good enough. Here are some of the best leg toning exercises.

Keep feet shoulder-width apart with arms at your sides. Take a deep breath and move a large step back with the left foot to an extent where the left knees is some inches above the floor (or as comfortable as you can extend) and your right knee does not move past the right foot toes. Your hands, with or without dumbbells should remain at the sides, and the gaze is forward. Breathe out and move forward with the left leg coming back to the initial position.
Complete all reps with the left leg before doing it again with the right. To make the movement easier, alternate legs. Repeat to muscle fatigue (in the range of 12 to 20 reps).

Put your right foot flat on the step and the left foot flat on the floor. Exhale and push off little as you can with the left foot as your get both fee up to the step level(you will have two feet on the step). Inhale and push your left foot back down to the floor.. Work with body weight only, and do again to muscle fatigue regardless of the number of reps. Repeat by reversing the legs. While step-ups are a great toning exercise for your legs, they can be good for warm up for squats and lunges, and should therefore be done in a higher rep range with no extra resistance.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart holding your hands or dumbbells at your sides. Your head should be upright, the natural arch steady at your back. Inhale, swing the weights or bare hands slightly ahead for balance while bending at the knees and hips to a sitting position. Make sure that your butt doesn't drop below the level of your knees, and your knees do not move past your toes. Exhale and slowly come back to the standing position, making your hands to drop back down to your sides. Repeat to muscle fatigue (in the range of 12 to 20 reps).

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Leg Toning Exercises

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This article was published on 2011/01/04