The Six Silliest Mistakes Strength Trainees Make and How to Spot Them

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Strength trainees, who have been at it for awhile, tend to fall off the common sense truck from time to time. In order to avoid making the same mistakes, here is a list of the most common issues we deal with and how to avoid them. Can you spot your pet errors?

1. Not eating enough calories

Sometimes we fall into the misunderstanding that we need to eat less to burn fat. There are two factors at play here. When you are working out, your body needs a steady supply of nutrients. Your liver and your pituitary are working overtime to supply the body with glycogen and growth hormones respectively. Starving your body while pushing your muscles to the limit is counterproductive. Eat small meals throughout the day (at least six) and keep to your muscle and lean body calorie requirements.

2. Overtraining

I've done this one often. You might get revved up to blast a body part and for a few weeks you go all out. Pretty soon, you are working out for more than an hour a day and seven days a week. You get all pumped and primed until you get a cold or you get up one day and feel extremely sick. Now you're out commission for a few weeks and unable to work out. You've lost a month of workouts because you've over trained.
Keep your workouts to under an hour and stick to your workout plan. Be sure to take your day off each week and don't mistake the overtraining for effectiveness.

3. Not enough sleep

As a night owl, I'll have to admit that this one is sometimes hard for me. You must get your eight hours of sleep. I seldom get that all night so I don't hesitate to take naps during the day. I work from home so it's very easy for me. If you can, get a full night's sleep to allow your pituitary and other hormone creators to do their work.

4. Lack of focus within workouts

If you find that you aren't keeping records of your workouts and your workouts are spotty, you will not get the effect you want. If you are committed to building muscle and burning fat, you'll need to keep records of your progress. This is one of the most common reasons for fitness failures.

5. Favoring your favorite parts

If you've been a gym rat you know this one by heart. These guys are walking around with huge biceps and deltoids but they have tiny legs. A guy who loves his arms and ignores his weaker parts will eventually fall victim to his weaker parts. The other point that is more petty but equally important is how unbalanced a person looks when they are over developed in some areas and under developed in others.

6. Avoiding progressive weight principles

Sure, there are people with natural abilities and great genetics who can lift any weight and smile as they do rep after rep. Most of us need to pay attention to the principles of muscle development. The most efficient way to increase muscle mass or strength is to progressively increase your workload. To simply lift the same weights over and over again might keep you strong but not necessarily make you stronger.

So if you have any trouble identifying any of these issues in your workout profile, take a look at the five muscle building boo-boos made by bodybuilders. I'm sure that you'll find yourself in there.

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The Six Silliest Mistakes Strength Trainees Make and How to Spot Them

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This article was published on 2010/03/31